The Journey from a Blogger to an Author

In the fall of 2015, I finally made up my mind to get a Master’s degree in Computer Science. It’s one of my numerous :) life goals that needed to be achieved at that time. After careful research and consideration, I opted for the option of combining full time work with schooling. This decision eventually turned out to be very rewarding but stressful and challenging.

Upon completing the Master’s program in September 2017, I decided to take a break from everything :) and go on vacation to celebrate the little achievement. Just few days into the vacation, I got a mail from Packt Publishing Acquisition Editor, proposing to me the idea of writing a book.

I am an Acquisition Editor at Packt. Currently I am looking for a potential author for a book titled C# and .NET Core 
Test-Driven Development. This book is for .NET developers who would like to build efficient applications by
 implementing principles of Test Driven development.
I read your blog on this topic and I know you are an expert. I believe your contributions as an author will be greatly 
appreciated by the readers. 
If writing this book interests you, please get in touch. I'd be happy to share more details.

Apparently, the editor had read an article on my blog about Test Driven Development in C# that I wrote in January of 2012. It was an understatement to say I was super excited reading the mail, this is because I have always been very passionate about being an author. And to crown it, I was to write on Test Driven Development, a concept I have been enthusiastic about right from when I started enterprise software development.

Series of emails were exchanged which necessitated reviewing the book brief, working on the outline and signing the book contract after a go ahead from Legal Adviser, I eventually started writing the book in October 2017.

Setting out to write the book made me realize there is a clear difference from being a blogger and being an author. Just like blogging, when writing a book, you must choose a style of writing, be clear, concise and assertive. However, you must be ready to work with content editor, technical editor and reviewers, who will constructively edit and criticize the writeup. Fortunately for me the team of professionals and experts at Packt Publishing assisted me in the journey of transitioning from being a blogger to an author.

In mid-May, 2018, after months of writing the book’s contents, editing and reviewing by the team of professionals at Packt, I finally woke up to this golden mail from the Acquisition Editor.

Congratulations on the publication of C# and .NET Core Test-Driven Development!
We have a fantastic end product with this book as a result of everyone's hard work and especially your dedication 
and patience.
It was an honor working with a skilled professional like yourself and I hope we can work on another book in the 
future. If you would like to write another book or discuss any book project, feel free to get in touch with me. 
Again, many congratulations on this wonderful achievement! 

The book was eventually released to the public on May 18, as a perfect 2018 birthday gift. I have gotten positive feedback and reviews from readers who have bought and read the book. The book is available on Amazon.

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