Introduction to Lua Programming Language

At a point in time, I worked on an Interactive Voice Response(IVR) application using an IP PABX that uses Lua as one of it scripting languages. Since I had in one time or the other worked and used the other languages that can be used in writing scripts for the PABX, I decided to pick Lua programming language as my choice, for writing scripts to be executed by the IP PABX.

Prior to that time, I had only heard of Lua being used as the scripting engine for the popular game World of Warcraft, I knew I was about to learn a new language entirely, so the first thing I did was to open my Firefox and do some background check about Lua. 

Then I started the learning process, and along the line, I fell in love with it because though it is interpreted, it is extremely the fastest among scripting languages. And I have decided I will continouslly blog about it.

Lua which means moon

in Portugese is a programming language developed by Roberto Ierusalimschy and Waldemar Luiz in 1993 and was written with C language and in fact the authors intention then was to use Lua to do what C could not do, a kind of C extension. It was originally designed to be integrated with software written in C and other conventional languages. It is a simple and small language yet powerful because it can run on virtually any device.

Lua can be embedded in an application, for example I might have a portion of an application that I want Lua to handle while C# handles the rest, it can stand alone and also it can be used together with C language.

Now lets start programming with Lua

Lua has a syntax close to C language, so it wont be add from somebody with a C background to quickly grasp. You can download Lua from

As its the custom in the programming world to always display Hello World, so we have

print("Hello World")

 which displays hello world on the console window.

My subsequent blog posts will always contain cheat sheets and Lua codes that I have worked on.

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