Why good programming principles are not being taught in school

At times I do wonder why good programming principles like Dependecy injection, Dont repeat yourself(DRY) principle, clean code and other principles are not being taught in schools.

Having obtained a National Diploma(ND) in Computer Science and almost completing a degree (B.Tech) in Computer Science, I felt like a complete idiot to have gone to the university to study Computer Science, because there is great discrepancy from being an academic programmer and a developer. Quite alright, I was taught the rudiments of programming in school, (control structures, data structures and some programming constructs), it was not until I got into the business world that I knew I am in for a big challenge!

Computer science is a field in which new technologies are being developed every day, that you just have to keep updating yourself, or else you become obsolote.

I have come to realI have come to realise that good principles come with experience,  Programing in school is to get you started, the rest you are on your own. Though while in school you are supposed to be taught good programing practices, some schools do it others donot. 

Teachers who are professional programmers can teach good programming principles, but it is impossible for them to teach good programming while in classes, because they do not have the amount of time required to teach good programming concepts and principles.

Thus, developing and acquiring good programming principles is a personal effort that comes only with practices, reading books and reading other programmers source codes. Thus, being a good programmer is not measured on academic level, but on years of experiences.

Therefore, programming is considered as an art and not a science.

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Posted by    Umoru Will

Tuesday, June 26, 2012    5:49 AM

Wow. This is a lovely post and I feel am also in this category of people that just learnt something new from this post.Thanks and keep it up

Posted by    Ayobami Adewole

Tuesday, June 26, 2012    10:07 AM

@Will thanks, its good to hear that the article helped you